Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Houston Run-Away

A couple of weeks ago Jack suggested we take another little run-away, so Bekah, Jack and I headed over to Houston for some ballgames. (Justin had to stay and work so he missed out on the fun.) When I started to look for hotels, I knew we wanted to try to stay downtown. I first checked out the Inn at the Ballpark which is right across the street from Minute Maid Stadium, but they didn't have any rooms for 3 unless Bekah had wanted to sleep on the couch. Same story from the Magnolia Inn - where Jack and I had stayed when we went over for the LSU-Texas basketball game. So on hotels.com I found 2 downtown hotels that had rooms - the Hilton or the Alden. We chose the Alden and it was a great choice. We were 4 or 5 blocks from Minute Maid, just around the corner from Main Street and it was a very nice hotel. It is older and the room was smaller, but we managed. The beds were so comfortable. I usually don't sleep well at all the first night of a trip but both nights I slept like a baby. While it's an older hotel, they have contemporary decor and very updated bathrooms - granite, etc. All in all a great place to stay.

This was pretty much one of our typical Houston trips. Friday night we ate at Pappasitos. This has been a tradition of ours from way back it seems. Afterwards we went to the game and watched the 'Stros get beat by 5 runs. Our tickets for both games were in the outfield so we got to be part of the Luke Scott fan club. This was a new adventure for us as usually we are cheering against Luke. The outfield is a good place to sit, except you can't see the big screen so we missed out on replays, detailed batter information, etc. But we got a good view of the field and the people in the stands. It was also nice being able to just walk a few blocks to our hotel after the game - especially since it was raining.

Saturday morning we drove to Katy and went shopping at Katy Mills Mall. This was our first trip out there and while we found a few things, we weren't overly impressed. We are probably well known there now as there was something in Bekah's purse that was setting off the alarm into or out from almost every store we entered. The surprising thing is how the store employees just really didn't seem concerned at all. After shopping we made the Pappas brothers happy by eating at another one of their restaurants - Pappas Bar-B-Que. We've now eaten at 4 of the 7 "varities" of restaurants the Pappas own. They love to see us come to Houston!

After lunch we headed back to Minute Maid Park for an afternoon game that the Astros won. The afternoon game lowlight was the girl sitting in front of us wearing her shorts so low that you could see more than you wanted (think plumber). She did buy a t-shirt about half way through the game, so that helped. The highlight was after Luke made a good catch, one male fan yelling,"Hey Luke - will you have my baby?" Another fun thing was when the crowd opposite us started the wave (which I hate). One of the moms sitting in front of us told the young teen girls with them "The wave! The wave!" and pointed across towards it. To which the 2 girls looked around confused and then both gave "princess" waves to who knew who.

That evening Jack and I walked over to Main Street and ate at an Italian restaurant - Little Napoli. It was a nice little restaurant with good food. Bekah had a headache, so she missed out. We got up the next morning and headed home - after a stop at IHOP that is. Another nice little runaway.